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Beginner's Acrylic Art Class

Anyone can paint!! I will show you different techniques and how to find joy in the act of painting.  Depending upon the needs of each class, I will teach about color, composition, and light and shadow, as well as exploring lots of cool painting techniques.  Each student will start working on the same project and then we will branch out so that each student works on their own individual project, with my guidance.

Tuesday Session: 
Starts January 8, 2019, 10AM - 12PM

Thursday Session:
Starts January 10, 2019, 2PM - 4PM

Each session lasts six weeks and costs $150 ($25 per class). 

Location:  My studio is located over my garage in Palencia, a neighborhood off Hwy 1, in north St. Augustine (St. Johns county). 

Continuing classes will be offered once the first six weeks ends.  I'm limiting each class to 4 students to begin, due to space constraints and so that everyone gets the individual attention they need.  I may expand the class size in the future. 

A supply list will be provided, or I can purchase all necessary supplies for a one time fee of $50.
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For the beginner's art class, I recommend these three products from Amazon.  You can get a nice set of brushes, paints and canvases to start for just under $50 if you have Amazon Prime.  If not, let me know and I can order for you.
Here are some of my favorite art products.  The Golden paints are more pigmented and have a glossy finish.  The wood panels are great for all kinds of mediums.  And the detail brushes and acrylic pens are also highly recommended.
If you like pastels, these are the best soft pastels and paper I could find.
Here are some art books that I recommend if you are interested in these particular types of art.
I'm located in Saint Augustine, FL

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